Reel Women

Reel Women - Kristin and MarthaKristin Graham is the pixie with the big keyboard sound. Martha Edwards is the red-headed fiddler.

Here's a link to a page of tech details (sound, chairs, lighting, etc.)

"We're basically dance musicians, and have considered refusing to play when people won't get up and dance," Martha says, "but if they just sit there, we figure we've at least caused a few brain cells to pirouette."

Reel Women plays reels, of course, and jigs and hornpipes and marches and waltzes, often for Contra Dances, English Country Dances and Waltz evenings, but for other festive occasions as well:

On occasion, they are joined by other real women, and sometimes by real men, who are then known as Jigelos. We do apologize for the bad puns, but not very often.

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