Stringdancer Tunes

Dusty Bob's Reel / Fair Jenny / Swallowtail
Larry O'Gaff / The Connaughtman's Ramble / All the Rage
Maggie Brown's Favorite / Top of Cork Road / Trip to Sligo
The Rakes of Kildare / Four Potatoes / Morrison's Jig
Old Hag You Have Killed Me / Crimea River / Sean Ryan's Jig

Bay of Fundy / Reconciliation / Big John McNeill
Bay of Fundy / Reel Ti-Me / Reconciliation
Billy in the Lowground / Leather Britches / George Booker
Chicken Pie / Stop Press / Tuba City Truck Stop
Chorus Jig / Matilda's Rant
Dick Gossip's Reel / Green Mountain Petronella /Shenandoah Falls
Ebeneezer / Angeline the Baker / Devil in the Haystack
Fisher's Hornpipe / Don Tremaine's Reel / Twenty-eighth of January
Hughie Shorty's Reel / Leslie McCaskell's / The Gravel Walk
Jeff Davis / Farewell to Tchernobyl
Julia Delaney / Trip to Sophia / L'Homme a Deux Femmes /
Miss Shepherd's Reel
The Killarney Boys of Pleasure / The King of the Fairies / Tamlin
La Bastringue / Gaspe Reel / Saut de Lapin / Joys of Quebec
Other Road to Durham / Forked Deer / Elzics's Farewell
Over the Waterfall / Sheehan's / Bus Stop Reel
Paddy on the Railroad / The Maid Behind the Bar / Mason's Apron
Red Haired Boy / After the Battle of Aughrim / Dinky's Reel
Red Wing / March of St. Timothy's / Pachelbel Canon
Rock-a-Bye Baby / Contrazz
Spootiskerry / Morpeth Rant /
The Growling Old Man & The Grumbling Old Woman
St. Anne's Reel / Rushishe Sher / Nail That Catfish to a Tree
Soldier's Joy
Staten Island / Ragtime Annie / Waiting for Nancy
Swingin' on a Gate / Paddy on the Turnpike / Catharsis
Temperance Reel / The Star of Munster / Cooley's Reel
Wizard's Walk / It's Too Hot
Woodchopper / Liberty / Kitchen Girl

Jig to Reel:
Bridget's Back in Town / Curvy Road to Corinth / Haphazard Breakdown

Tunes for Squares
Grub Springs
Hangman's Reel
Old Joe Clark
North Carolina Breakdown
Sandy Boys

As Laurie Sleeps in the Dawn
Amelia's Waltz
Ashokan Farewell
Beautiful Stranger Waltz
Blues for Dave
Caesar's Waltz
Call it a Night
Cantares di Mi Tierra
Cascata de Lagrimas
The Clock Stopped
The Dancer
End of Summer
Judy and Jim's Wedding
La Valse des Jeunes Filles
Lezlie's Waltz
Lisa Lisa
Margaret's Waltz
Medyatsiner Waltz
Melancholy Waltz
The Merry Waltz
Nancy's Waltz
Planxty Fanny Power
Shamus O'Brien's Waltz
Sheebeg and Sheemore
Soir et Matin
Spanish Waltz
Star of the County Down
Steve and Betty's
Tales from the DeSoto Woods
Two Rivers
Utpick Waltz
Valse Aldor
Weathered Inn Waltz
Wedding at Cleary Lake
Wind in the Hills
The Wood Duck